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General Admin


General Settings

From the Administration Panel, Select Configuration under "General Admin"

You will see this
Config1.png Config2.png

Logo Filename - This is where you could upload an image to replace the logo. You can constantly change the logo in the top left corner.

Guildtag/Alliance Name – The guild name you will see these at the top of your browser.

Guildtags to Parse – This is only used with the default installation. Other import utility do not use this function.

Domain Name – The domain the site is hosted.

Server Port – Only change if move to secure server. (unlikely)

Script Path – Path to all files from domain root.

Site Name – Puts text on the top at the right Site Description - Places a Description text below the "Site Name" text.

Point name – Regardless if you call it, DP, EPGP, DKP here is where you name it on your site.

Enable Account Activation – None, no email sent to verify. User – Email sent to user for self verification. Admin- An Administrator will have to activate each individual account.

Adjustements per Page – How many to display per page. Events per Page - How many to display per page. Items per Page - How many to display per page. News Entries per Page – This may need to be adjusted as you create more items, they will display on the viewnews page. Raids per page – How many to display per page.

Default Language – Obvious.

Default Local – Works with Language, shows special characters for different languages.

Default Game – What game are you tracking for?

Default Style – This is the style that is set by default for all new users.

Overwrite user style settings – to avoid having to maintain multiple looks to your website, and focusing on 1, you can force your users to see only that one style.

Default Index Page – the first page that loads when you hit the site.

Hide Inactive Members – Self Explanitory – As admin’s you can still see all members when in the admin panel for editing members regardless of active status.

Inactive Period – Obvious

Active Point Adjustement – Adds dkp to newly created members and members returning from inactive status.

Inactive Point Adjustement – Removes points when a member becomes inactive (the 2 options above are primarily used in old days where people would drop inactives to the bottom of the list)

Enable Gzip Compression – This can reduce load times but causes more work on the server and the client.

Default Permissions

This page sets the permissions new users get when they are created.

Typically you will NEVER want to adjust these as you can give random people WAY to much power and your board can get screwed up.

Adjustments usually need to be made when a new plugin or module is installed.

Commonly used functions Add - Creates New Update - Modifies Existing Delete - Deletes Existing List - Displays a list of items View - Views individual items

List and View are primarily the normal settings for most every permission

Most of this page is self explanatory.

Never set one of these to Configuration. This would give full reign to users over the system and your security will be compromised.

Cookie & Email Settings

Unless you decide to take up writing custom cookies the board will configure them automatically so nothing under the cookie settings will need to be changed.

Under the Email Settings, if the administrator email should need to be changed this is where you should do it.


Manage Members

From this section you can manage the "Members" of the eqdkp-plus system It is important to understand that "Members" in this case referes to "Characters" not logins or ranks of guild members.

To begin you will see this

Add New Member

From here you can Manually "Add New Member"


But this is seldom required as the member is created automatically when they raid the first time and you import.

List, Edit or Delete Members

The section you will use the most is the "List, Edit or Delete Members" Member3.png

You will notice a checkmark on the left, this allows for multiple deletion.

If you want to edit the member, simple click their name. You will then see this


In most cases you will be changing the "Member Rank" as listed here. This is simply for display purposes only. You can also adjust an individual's dkp here, but you should note that there will be no record of the change. It will not display under raids or adjustments.

Edit Membership Ranks

Next we can alter the Membership Ranks Dropdown Menu Member5.png

If you set a rank for someone and use a prefix or suffix, that will be added to their member name.

The "hide" checkbox will hide members of this rank.

Transfer Member History

This is a very powerful and wonderful tool, especially if you import a raid and forget to set an alias if someone is on an alt. Simply select one user to migrate from and the user the information is going to. When I imported the database I had Deaderthenu, and Deaderthanu. I simply migrated from one to the other and all his history and items were moved.


Manage Plugins

Plugin Installation Wiki Page : This Section can be found here.

Manage Users

9 times out of 10 all you will do here is associate a user with a member (character)

Simply click the user, scroll to the bottom and select the character they should be associated with. This will make it so when they log on, regardless of username, they see thier character's quickdkp.

Yes a user can have multiple characters.


You can also select multiple users if you need to mass update permissions for a new plugin, or to delete multiples.


If you select and Individual User, you can then edit all of their profile data and adjust their individual permissions.

View Logs

About as simple as we get, it shows administrative actions in a log. You can click on objects for more details. Viewlogs.png


Plus Settings

This is the heart and soul of your EQDKP-Plus system. All of the major board settings are here.


Some of this is obvious. There are also Blue ? to give a description, although some can be very vague. I will elaborate on some, and other's I will not mention at all for being too self-explanatory.

Don't show diagrams - its a graph on item views to show the point value.

Deactivate comments - this is globally, so people would not be able to use comments in any section of the eqdkp system.. news, gallery, everywhere.

3d stuffs - it doesn't work and makes loads VERY slow. I'd just avoid it, its only cool once anyway.

Enable Updatecheck - Leave this checked, it informs admins if there is a new version, which they need to prepare for.

Shop - Enable or Disable, Must be installed to matter.

We have certain things hidden, as to not to display in a way we don't like.

The Contact Info's section places this information in the footer and is used for all publicized ownership data.


Simple, Enable or disable RSS feeds from your site. Settings for the RSS and your options should be obvious.


multiDKP simply allows for the creation of multiple pools of dkp. So for example, you could award Naxx raids to dkp pool 1, and ulduar to dkp pool 2. Having 2 separate tables. This is covered more in the Multi-DKP Page.


There are a couple ways you can create links in here. The first and most obvious is links in the “links menu” on the left. Notice the Display style and Menu options. Embedded dynamic High means it will open on the right. Normal means it will display over the entire page. The menu options Links Menu, will create the item in the Links menu, the EQDKP menu is the “Menu” on the left, the “User Menu” is the “User-Menu” on the left and the Tab Menu is the Boxes above everything like Forum , Home etc.


Leaderboard – If Enabled there would be a box to display each class and place the members in order. Options to Adjust output follow Listmembers – This section adjusts the view of the “Standings” All Self Explanatory Charmanager Plugin - This “plugin” adds more features to the “standings” list. It Should be obvious why not all options are selected. You would not see this without the plugin being installed.


These settings adjust more of the input of a news item than the output. This section also very self-explanatory.


This allows you to mouse over items and see the stats in the little popup. I would advise against adjusting anything here as it can tend to break the system. We will talk about the Update in more depth later.


This is the function that allows users to use 1 database for logging in. The connection between EQDKP-PLUS and PHPBB3 is used here. We could also connect to another database if the 2 were not sharing one. If you notice the first field is blank, this is because it created not only a tab at the top for forum, but also a menu link. I did not like having 2 links to the same place all the time, so I used the “Links” page to create the forum link. The registration link goes strait to the registration on the forums. This is so that when new users come, they create their login information in the phpbb database (the one we’ve linked to) and that is it, no more double registration. To get your link, simply open your forum registration page outside of the EQDKP-Plus Wrapper and copy the link. ie. http://yourdomain/phpBB3/ucp.php?mode=register It is important to note here. Group ID of the CMS Group. This points to the “Members” group in phpBB3. If someone is not a member of the “Members” group they will not be able to login on the left with the EQDKP-Plus system. As an administrator, you would need to add them to the “Members” group in the forums. All members and ranks above should be in the members group. A user can be assigned to more than one group.


The top section is very strait forward, the link goes to the recruitment section of the forums. The Check below tells it to embed like everything else we do. You will see that you can select any number, for any spec under a class, or the class itself. Not much else to explain here.


This controls the use of the getdkp.php page. Using the getdkp addon requires this page to get updates from it. You can also activate raidplan and disable the itemID’s here. The itemID’s take up very little room in the database and allow for faster loading of Itemstats. I would not recommend disabling this. The Raidplan is mainly for scheduling raids.

GetDKP Wiki Page : You can get more information on GetDKP here.

Update Check

More often than not, the board will notify you before you bother to click on this. When it does there will be instructions and links to follow. This link is more of a manual check. It will redirect you to update things as needed, templates, database changes etc.


Manage Portal Modules

Portal Modules are things like the QuickDKP, the Quick Login, User Online boxes etc.


As you can see there are many modules, we will talk about them in general.

If you want to add a portal module, you must upload it to the eqdkp-plus/portal/ folder in your site.

Active - Makes it display Orientation - somewhat self-explaintory Sorting - if 2 items are in one section, the one with the lower number will be on top Visibility - this can be restrictive. All is everyone, Guests, is people not logged in, Registered is those logged in. This is why you do not see the recruitment module once you log in. Collapsable - Simply makes it Solid or collapsable Contact - Who wrote it Version - Obvious Edit - Many modules have more settings to adjust them, for instance the realmstatus module needs to know which realm and region so it can display the right one.

Be cautious when editing this as it will effect the layout of your viewnews page. Also note, that anytime something is set to the "middle" or "right", that it will only display on the viewnews page.

Lastly, some Modules are associated with a plugin. Uninstall the plugin and the module dissappears from this list, and vice versa.. these are noted by the green puzzle peice and are located at the bottom of the list.

Add MultiDKP Pool

Show MultiDKP Pool

Group and Individual Adjustments

Simple rule of thumb. Group is Everyone in the system Individual is 1 person, (even though you can select several for the same adjustment).


The Group adjustment applies to everyone in the system. So if you wanted to change the overall numbers you can adjust them here.

The individual adjustment allows you to create a reason and select multiple. So if you have 3 players that are bad during raid and you choose to deduct dkp after the raid has been imported (you can do this during import if using "Raid-Log-Import") then you can select multiple users for the same adjustment. Note: If you delete the adjustment for 1 person, you delete it for everyone else should multiple people be selected. Always update instead of delete when multiples are used. Adjust3.png

When you List the adjustments you simply display a history of all that have been made. You can edit from here.


This section allows you to modify the way items are handled and adjust or add new items to your database.

Add Item


Here you can manually insert an item, select the user, the raid it belongs to, you can search for the item info if it already exists in your database or add a new Item with the Name and the ID of the Item. Lastly you can set the Value in DKP to deduct from that member.

List Items

This displays a list of all recently imported items from raid or manually. You can use the box above to search for an item. Clicking on an item will allow you to edit its properties and the window that follows will look very familiar.


Here you can see who recieved the item, which raid, the name, ID and value. Lets suppose for a moment that Upsign got the item, but the next day realized he didnt need it, and someone else that was there could use it. Here is where you would go to change the "Buyer" to the new person, it will refund "Upsign" in this case and deduct from the new Buyer.

Update Itemstats


The items, their graphics and popups are all stored in a cache and pulled from the database, you can update that cache here. Most of the time this will not be needed as the items are set to update immediately the first time they are accessed. This would need to be updated should something corrupt the database or the information moved.


This creates the news blocks on the Home page



Headline is of course, the title Message Body - note, you can use varios objects in here including video from external sources. This does not allow for embedded video, only externally linked. Extend News - If you have a lot of information, you can create an extended news so that the block remains small and the rest of your content is contained on another page, this will create a link to that 2nd page in the main block. Show loot from Raid - If your news Item is about a raid, you can show those item links here. Disallow Comments - If you dont want comments to your news item. Permissions - Don't Show news for (doesnt make grammar good) Free for all = Everyone can see, Guests = only registered can see, Guests and Members = Only admin can see Make it Sticky? - will keep it above other news items. Much like a forum sticky.


List News simply displays a list of all the news items you create, you can then click the paper icon to edit them.



Adding Raids here is not recommended. You can of course but the import utilities do this for you. This would be a "Manual" method of entry.


Select the members, the Event, the Value for the Raid in total (not items) The Date and Time and you can add the raid note as well


Editing an existing raid will also look just like this, which is what this section is really for in our case.


This lists all previously entered raids, from here you can select one and edit the raid. Remember that you use the items tables to adjust items from raids.

Styles, Turn-ins, EQDKP Update


Styles Section manages styles. Most of them rely on a CSS page and therefore do not apply. Older themes use this section. This provides a GUI for editing the template CSS settings.


This can be used to keep track of item swaps. If you don't want to use the item section you can use this as it is much easier. The item however MUST be in the database for that user.

EQDKP Update

Here you can do 2 things, you can check the updates for the tables in the database and the styles installed. Also you can delete the database of things like news and items, this is a very dangerous utility and should not be used unless you plan to start over.